What happens to your life when you eat unhealthily?

What happens to your life when you eat unhealthily?

What exactly is eating unhealthily? Eating unhealthily consists of eating foods that are fried, have high amounts of sugar and fat, and low nutritional value. These foods may taste delicious, but they have very harmful effects on the body. You will become obese by eating fried foods. Fried foods have high amounts of fat and salt. Salt makes your body retain water, so you look fatter and have less muscular definition. Also, fried foods have high amounts of calories but have very little nutrients that are beneficial. Nutritionists call this “empty calories”.  Your body needs certain amounts of vitamins and minerals to be healthy. Most people are deficient in nutrients, especially those who have a fried diet. If this is your diet you have an increased chance of having colon and prostate cancer. PhIP is short for 2-Amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo(4,5-b)pyridine. This chemical is contained in chicken that fast food companies sell. This chemical increases your risk of cancer. The saturated fats in fried food can cause heart problems. It builds up in your heart and blocks your arteries. This prevents more blood flow to your body and increase your chance of getting a stroke or heart attack. Eating high carb fast foods will increase your blood sugar. This is due to the high amounts of white flour in the foods. You want to stay away from white carbohydrates. They have high amounts of gluten which will slow down your body. Your body does not digest white carbs well. Therefore, you will gain weight quickly. There is also an increase of liver disease in patients who eat high amounts of fried foods. PAPs stands for “polyfluoroalkyl phosphate esters. This is the chemical that is in the grease and oil in fried foods. Consuming this chemical has shown to increase your chances of liver disease drastically.[1] The high amounts of sugar in unhealthy foods prevents your muscles from breaking down glucose. It won’t completely prevent the breakdown of glucose but it will seriously slow it down. This will sap your energy. You will feel very fatigued. The sugar spike causes a drastic increase in your insulin levels. These increased levels will make your body feel tired. It will also affect you mentally, making you irritable and can cause depression. The high amounts of sugar cause your brain to release opioids and dopamine. This constant release of these brain chemicals will cause your brain chemistry to alter. This alteration is not good. Therefore, fast food is very addictive! The alteration is like the effects of being addicted to drugs or alcohol.[2] There are no benefits of having such an unhealthy diet. Yes, it may taste good and you may feel and instant satisfaction while eating these yummy foods. However, the long-term effects are severe. No one enjoys obesity. If you keep eating unhealthily and not change your lifestyle there will be many more problems than just your self-esteem. Your body will hate you for fueling it with such poor nutrients. You don’t put regular gasoline in a Ferrari so why put regular gasoline in your body? If you want your body and mind to react the way you want it to then fuel it the way it wasn’t meant to.


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