Why Choose HepCare Pharmacy?

Serving the Community – One Patient at a Time

At HepCare Pharmacy we bring personalized medication therapies to people with specialized needs such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B, cirrhosis, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Our comprehensive programs focus on what is most important: the patient’s health and well-being. Our Committed and Accessible healthcare team provide personalized support, quality care, and superior access to specialty medications. Our Reliable and Experienced pharmacy team facilitates complete care coordination between patients, healthcare providers, and payers to enhance medication therapy management to ensure adherence and improved outcomes.


HepCare Pharmacy provides specialty pharmacy and related services for patients with complex and chronic medical conditions. We are an independent, family-owned, and physician operated specialty pharmacy. Our pharmacy specializes in the delivery of clinical services to our clients through an integrated health team. This unique model improves patient-health outcomes by increasing access to customized care and by improving medical education of these chronic conditions. To enhance access to care, we utilize the power of partnership by developing long-term professional relationships with non-profit organizations and healthcare providers.


Hepatitis Testing Day – May 19


Community Hepatitis C Care Program is a health literacy, screening, and linkage to care program for those who are suffering from hepatitis C or who have been newly diagnosed. We will provide a select list of local, community organizations and experienced, medical providers for you to choose from who are both motivated and dedicated to caring for your hepatitis C needs. One must choose wisely to achieve the greatest certainty of care and highest certainty of cure.


Access our Linkage to C Care Portal to refer and track your patients.


Order low priced blood tests from our partner. You can order blood tests, print Lab Requisition and print Test Results, all online.

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Liver Better Program will assist people who have been diagnosed with hepatitis C to take an active role in their treatment plan. The program will give healthy living tips and steps that you can take to take control of one’s hepatitis C. The general public will be given advice on how to make changes in their lifestyle and how to remain healthy after being cured of their hepatitis C.


Dr Imtiaz Alam & Denise Curtice- Hep C