How Can I Protect My Liver From Disease

How to protect your liver from diseaseThe liver is a power house organ and needs to be treated well. Here are some ways you can improve your chances of protecting it:

  • Always practice safe sex with a condom.
  • A very high percentage of people with Hepatitis C were infected when they used and shared needles, including cocaine and heroin use as well as tattoos. Needle use is best to be avoided.
  • Hepatitis C is spread through contact with blood so avoid sharing personal items that fit in this category (i.e. toothbrush, razors, etc.).
  • Avoid alcohol consumption. In general, alcohol is toxic to your liver, but pair that with a liver disease and your liver health will be severely impaired.
  • Keep your shots updated. Vaccinations are available to protect against Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. Unfortunately, no Hepatitis C vaccine is available at this time.
  • Heavy metals and other substances in your water can negatively impact your liver health. Test your tap water and clean out impurities.
  • Hepatitis A infections are commonly associated with cafeterias and restaurants who have poor sanitation. Choose to eat in places with a good health code record.
  • Make sure your doctor is aware of any medications, supplements, over the counter drugs and even herbal supplements or natural remedies you may be taking. Sometimes a combination of ingredients in different supplements and medications can prove toxic for your liver.