Learn About Alcohol Abstinence

Hepatitis C and alcohol is a bad mix. One of the first things you will hear with your diagnosis is to stop drinking, and this can be very challenging for some people. It may be a difficult, but it is one of the most important and beneficial adjustments you can make to provide your liver a healthy environment for healing.

Both alcoholism and Hepatitis C can destroy your liver on their own; pair these two together, and the results can be devastating as this can cause a more rapidly progressing and severe liver disease, more frequent occurrence of cirrhosis as well as hepatocellular carcinoma. Abstinence is best while treating any liver disease, but this is especially true for patients who are experiencing cirrhosis of the liver. Restricting your alcohol consumption if you have Hepatitis C is greatly encouraged.

It is advisable for patients with dependency on alcohol, or those that suffer from alcohol abuse, to go through a rehabilitation program prior to Hepatitis C treatment in order to establish abstinence. During treatment, it is advised that all patients, including patients with no alcohol abuse history, abstain from drinking though the duration of the antiviral therapy in order to achieve the best results. Please speak with your medical provider for guidance and details.