Healthy Living

Healthy Living Tips

My Diet

Eating well is always a good idea. Now it is especially important to create the most healthful environment you can to support your healing process and help your liver recover. Fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meats and whole grains are all incredibly beneficial. Steer clear of food and drink that contain undesirable toxins such as junk food and fast food, candy, soda drinks, products with refined carbohydrates and especially alcohol and drugs, which will all create a hostile environment for your liver.

My Exercise & Fitness

Aerobic exercises, such as running, walking, cycling and swimming, have been shown to help patients with Hepatitis C improve their liver function. It is recommended to do thirty minutes of some type of aerobic exercise five to seven days a week. You can even split up the time! Your liver will heal faster the more work you do.

Obesity & Being Overweight

Unfortunately, obesity can be a complication for Hepatitis C patients, so it is imperative to make health and lifestyle choices that will reinforce the positive benefits of undergoing Hepatitis C treatment. Changing your diet and making a commitment to keep physically active will make a huge impact on your body’s ability to heal.