Your Well Being



Most people experience exhaustion during their liver illness; it is the body’s way of warning you to slow down and focus on healing. It is crucial to get enough rest while you recover. Proper sleep will boost your immune system which in turn will help you recover liver function.

Emotional Well Being

The physiological effects of emotional states can have a dramatic effect on your recovery. Learning to relax and reducing stressors in your life are key to the healing process. Stress can suppress the immune system which is essential to restore the health of your liver. Practice calming techniques and learn to avoid and overcome negativity; your positivity will create a beneficial environment for your healing.


Pollutants and chemicals are an unfortunate part of our modern world. Even those things designed to “help” us, i.e. laundry detergents, cleaning supplies and skin care products, often contain ingredients that are toxic to your liver. Try to avoid harsh chemicals while you heal and instead treat yourself to some fresh air, which does wonders to support your health.